Depending on what you are painting, the requirements for getting the job done could be different. For a bigger job, like the outside of your home you would need spray equipment along with the same tools you would use for a smaller or detail job (like a roller brush). Spray equipment makes the process of painting a home much faster than rolling the entire outside of a home. You also want to always make sure to cover anything you don’t want paint on with a drop cloth. You want to be sure to clearr the area of what can be moved, and tie back any trees or bushes that may be in the way. Remember, anything that is not covered is subject to having some paint land on it.

When painting indoors, typically a drop cloth is laid out and then roller brushes are used for the majority of the walls. Regular bristle brushes are used to paint the edges of walls where they come together (corners) as well as for touch ups; both roller and bristle brushes will be used for touch ups on the exterior of the home as well.

Below is non-comprehensive list of painting supplies:

Roller brush and handle

Gloves – to avoid paint stains on your skin

Plastic Tray Liner – toss out with the trash when done

Respirator (face mask) – breathing in paint fumes can cause dizziness and fainting


Masking tape and possible a masker to apply the masking

Drop cloths/plastic sheeting

Caulks, sealants and application tools – to fill holes and cracks before painting over

Sandpaper – to smooth down rough patches



Ladder – safety first!

Spray Equipment