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House painting Highlands Ranch, CO

Our home is typically our greatest investment.  That’s why we treat every painting project as if it were our own.  We also know how important it is to properly maintain the exterior of your property as well as how important a repainting is–we recommend every 5-7 years.  Paint Pals in Highlands Ranch uses only the best quality paint and painting processes to ensure you have long lasting protection against the harsh Colorado climate.

Paint Pals offers extensive prep work, professional paint or stain application, and we provide the written warranty to back that up.  Our highly skilled painting crew, our commitment to customer service, and our competitive pricing all make us the first choice in any painting project!

Our painters follow a strict process to meet your high standards.  No skipped steps.  No shortcuts.  Just quality painting.

Our Process

  • High pressure wash to remove any particles, mold, mildew, or chalking paint.
  • Removal of all chipped or failing paint followed by sanding.
  • Repair all cracks, holes, or other siding defects that would effect painting surface.
  • Any bare wood is primed.  That can mean spot-prime or whole property priming.
  • Cover, or mask, all areas to remain unpainted.  This helps to create that professional appearance and avoid overspray.
  • Only upon our completed prep work will the paint be applied.  Our painting professionals use a variety of techniques from brushing to rolling to using sprayers.   We will accommodate any preference you might have but we are also happy to advise on technique according to needs or desired result.
  •  Trim work is typically done by hand to achieve the desired results.

This process is followed on each and every painting job–whether it’s residential or commercial, large, or small, exterior or interior painting.  We will do multiple laps around the property to ensure a consistent, quality application throughout the process.  This is how we are able to have such confidence in the quality and longevity of our paint job.

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