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Highlands Ranch Paint Pals Interior Painting

Interior of a Living room. Painting in Highlands Ranch, CO

Interior paint can be one of the quickest ways to update a home.  Paint sets a mood or defines a space.  Painting projects can very easily become more work that you suspect.  Let Highlands Ranch Paint Pals make a painting project stress free while providing professional, long lasting results.  We have this process down and can be thorough, meticulous, and fast.  No more mid-paint job mess that lasts forever!

We follow a complete 3 stage process (prep, body application, trim) on every job to provide best in class painting results…and happy customers.

  • Neatly tape and/or mask areas to remain unpainted.  A proper work environment is critical!
  • Remove all hardware in service area.  Not every painting contractor will do this–we will.  Obstacles to a smooth paint job will lead to less than stellar results.
  • Clean service area to remove dirt and debris for quality application surface.  This may include scraping, sanding, hole repair, and caulking as necessary.  Again, not all painting contractors will take the time for this step but we believe it is critical to achieving the best paint application that will last.
  • Application on paint.  Paint Pals only uses the best paint and painting techniques.  We will discuss the best application strategy for your particular project–rolling, spraying, or brushing.  Our goal is to get clean and uniform paint application that meets your (and our) standards.
  • Detail and trim work will utilize brushes and rollers as we add the finishing touches.  We do visual inspections with our clients before calling a painting project complete.  Customer satisfaction is our promise.

Highlands Ranch Paint Pals offers top notch customer service on all of out painting services. From small interior rooms to full-scale apartment painting exterior and commercial painting projects, we are here to provide the best quality around. Don’t wait, contact Highlands Ranch Paint Pals today for your project. We offer free estimates!

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