Wood Staining

Solid Body Stains Finishes, & Deck Restoration

Your stained wood exterior adds a lot to the visual appeal of your home but absolutely needs to be maintained. Paint Pals Highlands Ranch offers solid stains for your deck or stained wood siding to keep it protected and beautiful for years. We do not offer transparent or semi-transparent staining.

We have interior painting and exterior painting and staining crews that specialize in all varieties and applications of stain products.  We offer a truly professional result.

Prep work usually involves a simple surface wash and maybe some moderate sanding.  Occasionally the area may require a complete removal of existing stain, via chemicals or manual sanding, before a new finish coat of stain can be applied.

Since stains require a different application technique it is important to use a contractor with experience and skills to produce a quality result. Application techniques include brushes, rollers, sprayers, or commonly a combination of all three. We are not done until we have done a visual inspection and have your complete satisfaction.

Staining and Deck Restoration Products

Highlands Ranch Paint Pals only uses the best quality latex based stains proven to have superior durability and coverage.  Brands we use include Behr, Sherwin Williams, Diamond Vogel, and more.  Ask a staining expert exactly what combination of products and techniques will produce the best results for your staining or restoration project today.


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